Integrated manufacturing

At Alfa Elettronica, manufacturing means rational integration of complementary processing systems: from THD assembly with wave soldering, where every workstation has a PC which guides the operator with constantly updated information, to SMD with automatic screen printing, and flexible and automatic optical control pick-and-place systems.

assembly line

Completely automatic silkscreen printing capable of soldering fine pitch components.

Two P&P lines, for assembly of circuit boards of 01005, PQFP, BGA, uBGA, fine pitch and POP components.

16 zone oven with computerised control.

assembly line

A conveyor with trolley sensing carries the board to the computerised soldering machine, which instantly and automatically adjusts parameters or activates the SMD wave, according to the individual product to be soldered.

Integrated electro mechanical equipment

Alfa Elettronica can manufacture complete systems with circuit boards, electromechanical components and wiring, guaranteeing traceability of all screw-mounting processes using sophisticated electronically controlled equipment.

Checks and testing

Product checking and testing processes are extremely important for Alfa Elettronica. All components mounted on circuit boards on the SMD line are visually inspected with an AOI system and, where necessary, with an X-ray system.

All circuit boards are subjected to parametric testing using 2 fixed probe ICT testing units and 2 flying probe ICT testing units.

Final testing is performed with special simulated functional testing equipment developed in-house.


To ensure maximum reliability, Alfa Elettronica circuit boards are treated with conformal coating, an automated protective treatment which makes the resin film more even and consistent with specific requirements, more effective in protecting components against agents which could jeopardize function.

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Alfa Elettronica has had ISO 9002 certification for electronics manufacturing since 1996 and was one of the first electronics companies in Italy to achieve this. It is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.