The completion of the new lean manufacturing layout recently established by Alfa Elettronica is part of a very significant phase in the life of the company. In fact, new important systems have been added to the company's production and quality control cycles: on the one side, the new remelting furnace and an automatic conformal coating machine increase production performances, guaranteeing excellent end results and reducing error margins. On the other side, an X-ray machine performs very accurate controls on soldered parts, even invisible ones.

These significant investments allow the company to make a further qualitative leap both in terms of the performances of their products and electronic equipment and of quality, that is certified and guaranteed by means of accurate inspection and testing systems.

THD line

A conveyor with trolley sensing carries the board to the computerised soldering machine, which instantly and automatically adjusts parameters or activates the SMD wave...

SMD line

Completely automatic etching capable of soldering fine pitch components. Two 6-head P&P I-Pulse machines, that handle 0201, PQFP, BGA, uBGA, fine pitch components...

integrated electro mechanical devices

Alfa Elettronica can manufacture complete printed circuit board systems, electro-mechanical components and wiring...

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Since 1996, one of Italy’s leading electronics companies, Alfa Elettronica has obtained ISO9002 certification for electronics manufacturing and is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified