The need to rationalise the flow of materials and to increase production departments and capacities has resulted in Alfa Elettronica purchasing a new building communicating with the pre-existing premises, extending the whole area by 50%.
This significant investment coincides with the growth of the company which is consolidating and increasing its results notwithstanding the serious business crises that is involving all markets, including electronics, across-the-board. These investments are part of a total quality project and will soon be extended to the company's production departments which will be provided with new and sophisticated assembly systems for electronic components. All this will guarantee greater production flexibility, which will also meet just-in-time manufacturing requirements, and better after-sales service thanks to the traceability of each Alfa Elettronica product that will be capable of communicating its identity including information on all the materials and components employed to make it.

THD line

A conveyor with trolley sensing carries the board to the computerised soldering machine, which instantly and automatically adjusts parameters or activates the SMD wave...

SMD line

Completely automatic etching capable of soldering fine pitch components. Two 6-head P&P I-Pulse machines, that handle 0201, PQFP, BGA, uBGA, fine pitch components...

integrated electro mechanical devices

Alfa Elettronica can manufacture complete printed circuit board systems, electro-mechanical components and wiring...

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Since 1996, one of Italy’s leading electronics companies, Alfa Elettronica has obtained ISO9002 certification for electronics manufacturing and is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified